Doctors Witness Miracle Of 10-Year-Old Girl On Life Support After Parents Ask For Prayers

This family had a great faith in Jesus and knew, He is a miracle working God and they were right in their believing! The miraculous healing the 10 year old girl has received from Jesus is now become a living testimony for God’s faithfulness in answering prayers!

They too had some bad time, as black mold and job loss caused the loss of home and possessions of this precious family! Eventually they were able to get into the position and slowly the Clark family worked together to build a small home to call their own. They really made sure all safety precautions are up to avoid any kind of hurt during the house constructions and the father had carefully instructed the kids about the importance of following the safety rules..

However  on Jan 11, 2018, dad Jared who saw their 2 daughters playing on the back yard and instructed them to stay safe in the back yard itself while he was working the front side on the roof. Unfortunately in a split second that accident of 48 pound OSB fell from his hand striking his 10 year old daughter Chloe who has moved to the front side!

A bleeding hole left between her eyes and she was taken to the hospital immediately. The girl was humble enough to acknowledge her mistake and prior getting a CT scan , she tried to comfort her grief stricken father saying “Daddy, I’m ready to meet Jesus..Tell mommy I love her…if I don’t make it, I’m ready and I want everyone to know I love them”

Even though the injuries appeared to be simply cosmetic and seemed like it would be well, all of a sudden ,the girl become lifeless and went into coma with bacterial meningitis! Eventually she was put on life support  with not much hope held out for her!

The family who has a strong faith in God, shared her condition through the social media and requested everyone to pray for her recovery ! Her touching prayer request went viral and an answer to their prayers, on Jan 16 that miracle happened on  Chloe’s health, she was out from coma and started responding normally!

The family has extended their thanks to all who have hold them on their prayer and supports them in various ways. Now the internet is viral to witness her testimony, which they have posted along with the beautiful psalm(105) “LORD has done SO SO much for our Chloe girl and our family and I want to thank and praise Him for this.The miracle He worked for Chloe will be in our hearts and minds for years to come!”

Her treatment expenses had already reached $250,000 and some more medical costs are still expected for the full recovery .A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help her medical needs! I am sure God will meet all their needs and will honor them who has kept their trust in God!

Chloe's Miracle

MIRACLE: Once in a coma, 10-year-old Chloe is recovering swiftly from a severe head injury! Thank you CBN News family for your prayers!

Posted by CBN News on Wednesday, 24 January 2018