The Only Word This Dog Knew Was “No”, Look How Happy He Is Now

Amazing transformation of a dog under an appropriate care is a witness for the power of love in making life transformation. Marley the dog has spent the last 5 years chained up in a dog house in the backyard of a rural Virginia home. He wasn’t taken care of properly by its owner and was rejected and neglected leaving this poor animal with a single word “No”. But now, after being with a loving forever home with all the required facilities his life has transformed into a whole new level!

Members of the PETA group (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)have been keeping their eyes on Marley since they first became aware of his predicament several years ago. They often used to visit Marley at his dog house and was very compassionate with his situation. However they couldn’t do much about his predicament due to the state law’s limitations in saving the neglected pets! Finally after lots of persuasion Marley’s owner agreed to relinquish the pup to the rescue organization!

They were so happy and was keen to find a new forever home for Marley and could manage to find one for him! The new owner named Michael Moss has adopted Marley and has transformed this dog from a sad mutt into a happy hound.At the new shelter he was lavished with toys, bones, treats, and luxury stay in an air condition facility!

Watching him joyfully playing at the yard will make you really happy about him and his loving owner who gave him this well deserved love.

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