Terrified Dog Living In Dirty Pen Gets Touched For The First Time

These dogs used to live their entire life in dirty pens without having a touch from any humans. The only time they see the humans are when they come to throw some food to its bowl or to pock them with a syringe to have that sample blood. They are then picked up by to transport to an unfamiliar temporary shelter.  Life seems to be terrified and withdrawn for these poor dogs without love and compassion! And once they are healed and ready for adoption no one go for the background about their rejected past life. Seldom we get a glimpse of what happens behind the scene until and unless someone really bothers to share it with us!This is how the story of an abandoned dog starts at the Dogs Deserve Better Good News Rehab Center.

But today somebody decided to share a very special moment with one of their newest resident at the rehab center. The dog named Bernard was one such dog who was living in a filthy pen terrified and unloved by anyone in his entire life! But today someone has came forward with that special touch of love and compassion to feel him safe with the humans.

The heartwarming video shows the person is trying to touch and love this poor animal in his cage. She met Bernard who was cowering and seemingly afraid to come out to the new world. But we can see that, she gradually gained his confidence by keep on loving him with her gentle touch. Eventually after 45 minutes the dog started honoring her love and moved towards her hand with its baby steps….

She decides to turn the camera on for all of us to witness the beginning of his recovery process. Watching him experiencing the human touch and the power of love in making him feel safe and secure will make us feel happy for this dog!