Dog Runs To Greet His Best Friend Everyday When He Arrives Home From School

A 6-year-old boy’s special bond with his dog is good enough for the doctors to confirm that the best medicine for healing is “pure love”!  The adorable video shows a dog runs to receive his young friend every day after school and watching his lovely excitement will fill your hearts with love!

It was suggested by Henrique Muraro’s doctors that, to get a dog for the boy because he sometimes has a mobility issue that necessitates using a wheelchair. Though they had a few young pups auditioned for the role of Henrique’s companion, none of them really seemed to fit until they found Pipo!

“One day my father’s cousin brought over Pipo,” Rodrigo Muraro, Henrique’s older brother told.. “They became friends immediately and have been inseparable ever since. They spend all day together playing.”

After getting Pipo his quality of life has improved drastically. Though Pipo is not necessarily licensed as a therapy dog, his infectious love brings happiness and healing to the young boy. Every day when Henrique gets home from school, Pipo sprints over to the bus and he gets into his buddy’s lap and covers him with loving kisses! And together with mom both of them will be back to home in the wheelchair!

“Henrique’s motor skills have improved a lot,” Muraro told , “and he’s much happier thanks to all of Pipo’s affection.”

A great video for all those who love dogs dearly!

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