Dog Leads Confused Owner To Dark Pond And Discovers Missing Elderly Woman

An intelligent dog was just in time to rescue an elderly women from drowning! A rescue dog named Bruce is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family when she was lost in murky pond!

The dog’s owner Abby Leather and her rescue dog stays at their home in Gwinnett County, Georgia! Initially Abby was bit curious to know why her dog was desperately scratching on her door and when she opened the door, the dog was quick to drag her to a nearby pond. The brilliant dog was acting like as if he knows everything and lead his master to its mission’s location! Arriving there Abby was shocked to see an elderly woman in the water, standing two or three feet down , up to her knees in the chilled water!

Leathers coaxed her out of the pond, wrapped her in a blanket and called 911 to take her to the necessary paramedic supports. Since the women doesn’t speak English Abby was unable communicate with her to know more about the incident!By then the women’s family had already called the police to report her missing ,unaware that Leathers and Bruce had already found their missing family member!

Thanks to Bruce , he really helped to save a precious life from dying frozen! His heroism ended up in a happy family reunion! Kudos to Bruce! He is really a brave hero! You’ll love him!

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