Adorable Video Of German Shepherd Taking Koalas For A Piggyback Ride Will Make You Smile

Two of the cuddly Koalas clinging onto a heavy German shepherd and taking their free ride will be the best antique video portraying a loving friendship. Seems like this German Shepherd is completely unconcerned by its free passengers, one clutches around the neck and the other sits further down the back enjoying their safe journey.

This adorable archive footage is taken in the late 1930’s , as this historical footage is from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket.And this “throwback” clip was uploaded to the platform on Thursday earning a prestigious title as “Best Vision” in the company’s archives!

I believe the transportation would have been a real challenge for the people living in Brisbane in 1930’s and here the Koalas are making a costly ride in free of cost! Enjoy this priceless ferry with the Pooch and Koalas!