Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave Late Owner’s Grave

This dog is so deeply attached with her owner and refuses to leave her even in the cemetery! Deta the dog was visiting her owner’s grave yard who passed away at 86 years old, and this dog refuses to leave the cemetery after giving a visit along with its owner’s daughter just few weeks after funeral!

The woman’s daughter, Theresa inherited Deta in the wake of her mom’s death. Theresa along with her husband and Deta went to the cemetery in Amsterdam, New York to place wreath on her grave and this “little” Deta was seen so quiet and as if she instantly sensed where they were going.  Truly the pair was inseparable and watching this dog’s tear jerking reactions will touch your heart as Theresa was literally broke down in tears and they really had to forcefully pick their dog out of the cemetery!