Mother Thinks Her Baby Is Dead Until The Firefighters Tell Her What Her Dog Had Done

Such a brave and loving dog, that gave up its life to save its best friend from burning fire and kept her safe until the very end. Polo the dog was always protective for the baby and when a fire broke out in the house and where nobody could reach to save the child from the scorching smoke this dog covered Viviana’s body with his and never allowed fire near her!

Erika Poremski, 28 put her daughter Viviana to bed to sleep on the second floor of her home and that night a heavy lightening hit the electrical box of her home and turned off all the powers in the house leaving her helpless to locate even a flashlight. She lit a candle to light the room and tried reaching her neighbors until her phones battery turned off and she eventually had to go out to charge her phone from her car.

While waiting for her phone to get charged she was prompted by a horrible intuition to turned to look at her home and true to her bad feeling what this mom saw was a terrifying scene of her house burning in fire. Her bedroom window where Viviana was sleeping was glowing brightly as that room was in fire and the blaze was spreading to the carpets.

She was quick and hurrying to save her daughter from the burning fire and tried reaching upstairs to fetch her daughter but the fire and smoke was too heavy for her to push through. She kept running back out and back in trying to get up there and what she could hear  was her daughter’s heartbreaking cry from the fire and the firefighters were still on their way and the neighbors and others all have tried to get into the house kicking the windows and doors to rescue the child but with the growing flames none could succeed in.

But inside the house somewhere she had her family dog Polo and she couldn’t even locate him and she was forced to surrender to believe a  big loss. But when the fire fighters arrived they made this miraculous discovery that her daughter Viviana had survived the blaze because their beloved Polo was watching over his best friend and kept her safe under his wings!

Viviana is survived by 19 % burning and which would have been far higher without her savior Polo.She is recovering her health to normal after multiple skin grafting operations and they could raise $42000 to help her treatments. This mom also had burned off her hands by grabbing the rail and facing the fire that night and she didn’t even knew it !

Poremski is still in tears of gratitude towards her faihful Polo, police, fireman and all others for giving her daughter a chance to breathe again!