Dog Lost In The Desert For 65 Days Finally Reunites With Her Owner

A puppy that was lost in the desert for 65 days is finally reunited with her owner. Its an incredible story of perseverance and happy restoration of life and love to fill the hearts!

The incident happened in June 2013 at Arizona highway. Rose Sharman and her 1 year old dog, Ily was travelling on their car when they met with an accident. In the accident their car got crushed and Sharman was injured badly. But the panicked dog ran off immediately into the wilderness!

Gradually Sharman got recovered in a wheelchair but her dog was still missing. A team of volunteers spent the next two months searching for Ily. Finally on August they got a sighting of two dogs wandering through the desert about 3 miles north of the crash. And the volunteers baited some cages with pieces of chicken and set up a baby monitor to catch the dog. Finally after 65 days of continuous monitoring, they could catch Ily in the cage!

The touching video shows the happy and emotional reunion of Sharman and Ily after a long time of separation!! The video speaks about the amount of tension and pain they have endured during their “missing time”! I am really happy to see the family is back to their LIFE! What a great miracle that Ily could stay alive and meet her owner safely!