Dog Hailed As Hero For Saving Drowning Man In Chilled Water

An early morning tip from a hero dog has saved the life of a man from drowning. A 9 year old Golden Retriever named Moe is in a preferential treatment from the Pittsburg Police Department hailing this dog as a “hometown hero”.

Moe and his owner, Joe Newman live in a house with a backyard overlooking the Delta. On Wednesday at 6.a.m the intelligent dog has smelled something wrong and his loud barking was good enough to wake up the owner. The dog has directed him to spot that man who had fallen in the water and yelling for help.Newman was right in time to help that elderly man who has slipped and fell into the water while taking his early morning walk at marina!

Eventually ,Newman has managed to pull the man out of the water, potentially saving his life..The man whose life got saved is extremely grateful to his new barking buddy and his heroism is now in the highlights..”Good Job Moe”!

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