Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Reunites With The Vet Who Saved Him

A dog is meeting his savior doctor who has treated him with such loving care and their emotional reunion is the best display of true love. Smokey, the dog is meeting his doctor ,Latimer at Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, FL, for the first time in months and their happy reunion is worth watching.

Smokey was rescued from a fire last year where the owner has chained him to a tree, causing severe third degree burns all over his body. When the firefighters came, they found the dog in chain and rushed him to a local hospital. He stayed in Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, FL for two moths for his recovery. During his stay he was treated and taken care by a loving Doctor named Latimer. After his recovery one of the employee from the same hospital, Dr Katelyn Thomas has adopted him.

The heartwarming video shows Smokey is meeting Dr Latimer after nine months and his first reunion was filled with gratitude’s of love . Its amazing to see that he clearly remember his loving doctor and was quick to express it all over him!

In the below video, published on 11th March 2018, Smokey is the lead dog in the city’s annual animal rescue walk where he met Dr Latimer for the first time after he got discharged from the hospital.