Dog Can’t Contain Excitement When Military Friend Returns Home

Adorable video of a dog reuniting with his human will make your day! The dog spun around in circles and jumped and wagged his tail in happiness to give a warm welcome to his master’s home coming!

Doc is a two year old German shepherd, who had been patiently waiting to see his master, Major Bill Hotopp. Now when Hotopp has returned home from his final tour of duty in the Army National Guard, Doc was overjoyed to reunite! When he opened the door, the dog ran to him and showered him with tail wags and kisses. His four legged friend’s excitement was so much that he could barely get a word in to ask him something! What he could do was just laugh at Doc’s reaction and receives his incessant kisses.

Major has just completed 8 hours of duty over 32 years of service with the National Guard and was back to his home at Illinois. When he was away for duty, Doc used to stay with his family, friends and a dog trainer!He met Doc nearly two years ago through a breeder. The breeder has a special practice of allowing puppies to “pick” their new owners; she won’t pair a dog with an owner until she’s observed a bond between the two. For Doc and Hotopp , the bond was clear to see from the start and i’m sure its gonna continue forever!