Adorable Donkey Thinks He’s A Dog And He Makes Everyone Fall In Love With Him

This adorable donkey is so special as he thinks he’s a dog and play like a pet in the house. Tiny Tom is a character and keeps everyone on their toes . Watching his uncommon naughtiness and cuteness  will make us laugh like anything!

This baby donkey didn’t have a great beginning, but was fortunate enough to reach in a safe hand. He was in a barn when his family found him and was tiny like a doll. At first his mom thought that he was actually a bunny rabbit. But once they get closer him they have realized that it was a donkey!

Initially the baby donkey had some liver problem and was in a critical situation to survive. He was born under weight with just 10 pounds! But his mother gave him an intensive nursing care at her home. He was feed with milk in syringe and was look after very well and little by little he started to get better. And finally his mom’s hard work paid off as the Tiny Tom has rerecord with a sprinkling health!

Since he was too small, his owners couldn’t keep him back outside the house. And they have raised him in the house with their dog and trained him with dogs. As a result the little guy is now living like a dog!! He wags his tails like a dog and licks the vessels and fetches and plays with balls and pillows like puppies does ! I am sure he really believes he’s a dog! Watch and you too will agree to it!