10-Year-Old Double Amputee Who Lost Her Prosthetic Legs In Wildfire Learns Snowboarding!

Such an encouraging spirit and an admirable personality! 10 year old Lilly Biagini of Santa Rosa, California is highlighted in the news for her determination and confidence in facing the various trials of life and inspiring millions with her her recent Snowboarding!

Double amputee Lilly, chose to have her leg amputated in 2014 after being born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, a condition that prevented her joints from bending . Earlier this year she lost everything in California wildfires and she and her mom, Jessica Biagini had to evacuate the house in a short span of time leaving everything they had to the fire, including Lilly’s medical equipment!

No matter whatsoever it may be the name of the tragedy, Lilly is so proud and happy to live her life boldly and she never wanted to hide her physical deficiency rather go ahead and learned to hit the snowboard from a Paralympics medalist, Keith Gabel, who is also an amputee!

A San Francisco based prosthetic company stepped up with a free legs for little Lilly and she also got an invitation to attend the Hartford Ski Spectacular in Breckenridge. However this 3rd grader wants to tackle snowboarding and with a little few lesson from Keith she is now carving the slopes on her snow board for the first time. Congratulations Lilly !Keep on shining!