50 Moms And 50 Kids With Down Syndrome Performing ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Will Move You

“50 Mums,50 Kids & 1 Extra Chromosome”, a group of 50 mothers created a video in preparation for the World Down Syndrome Day – March 21. The touching video has spread like wildfire across the globe with a powerful message from the moms saying “we are just normal mums, we love our kids, they love us, and they are just like other four year-olds, we wouldn’t change them!

These moms each have children with Down syndrome born between 2013 and 2014. They sing along with their kids using sign language or dancing right along with the music is simply amazing! All these mothers wanted the video to spread the awareness for World Down Syndrome Day to each and every hearts! They wanted to show others that how they love their children and no matter how many chromosomes they have , they loves them dearly!

The video is choreographed in the style of the popular actor and TV show host James Coden’s “Carpool Karaoke”! This 5 minute video which was uploaded in YouTube on March 16 is eventually catches up the attention of Carpool Karaoke King himself! Watching their great efforts to bring up this beautiful love piece will make us feel proud about the “love of mothers”! Along with them we too have the same say  for all the world! “We definitely wanted everyone to see it,”!!

On “World Down Syndrome Day”, the Down syndrome international is calling on every person with Down syndrome to share what they bring to their community. One of the goal of this inspirational campaign is to “explain how people with Down Syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions throughout their lives, whether in schools, workplace, living in the community, public and political life, culture, media, recreation, leisure and sports! !

These are the best and the powerful explanation, the mom group can serve for the entire community to lift up their special kids!