Passer-By Heroically Rescues Drowning Blind Dog From Filthy Canal

A kind man dives into a filthy canal and saves a drowning blind dog. The dog fell into Saensaeb canal in Bangkok because of bad eye sight and was struggling to stay afloat. It was then the man who saw it jumped in to rescue!

The hapless stray pooch slipped into the polluted water about 2 pm on Wednesday before the man on the pavement above dive in after it. Dozens of passengers and tourists on a ferry watched anxiously as their boat came within of colliding distance with the hero rescuer! His kind act of saving the stray pooch from the water was so touching that the boat driver and ticket collector also stopped to extend their helping hand.  Onlookers threw him the rubber ring and he put the dog inside it to help the animal float.

Ultimately he could reach the ferry and hoist it over the side to safety.  The dog was safe and on-board but he didn’t get into the boat but swam away before clambering out of the water!Later on the dog was taken to nearby University’s vet department and the students at the university carried him for the medical examination.

It’s so heartwarming to witness the greatness of a stranger in saving a helpless creature!