64-Year-Old Man On Phone With Birth Mother For The First Time, Just 3 Words Leaves Both In Tears

Through out his life he was curious to know about his ancestry and started digging it until he reunites with his birth mother!

Wayne was determined to find out his ancestry and for 64 years,the only information he had about his biological family was that ,”At 2.57 a.m., on Feb 17, 1954, Wayne Grow was born in Syracuse, New York”… To reach out to his goal ,initially he had considered hiring a private investigator , but the charge $3,000 was expensive for this old man!  Chance to discover personal ancestors through DNA was his next mode of investigation and he bought a & 79 worth DNA testing kit for the same.

Even though he didn’t had much hope of getting a match for his DNA , he was stunned to realize when he saw that they have actually brought up 2 DNA matches of him! His first and second cousins DNA was his answer for the search! After a lot of emailing back and forth with one of his cousin he was given with the number of Dorothy, who is his Biological mother! He was bit nervous but was quick to make a call to speak to his mother.

At the first attempt he couldn’t hear her voice as she didn’t answer the phone. But on the next day call, she did picked up and , Wayne was met with three words from his mother for the first time; “Um,You’re him.” Wayne responded asking “I’m who?” to which she only knew the answer …“You’re my son” !

The overjoyed mother and son had no more words but just tears of years! He wanted to see her as early as possible and  invited her for the dinner with him at his own house, which was just down the road from one another…The touching video shows their heartwarming reunion! As she opened up the door she was just flung her arms around him and he too did the same..The tears took over…

His mother Dorothy Thompson, was still in high school, when she gave birth to him and she gave him up for adoption as she has no means to take care of her son! She moved across the U.S and back and have two daughters along the way who stays with her now. Even though she told the daughters about the son she’d and put up for adoption, they never had any talks on the given matter!

However she always wondered thinking,where would be his son and what he would be doing etc…And this mother really wished to see him someday and finally ,now they had a happy reunion with lots of loving and missing tears of years! Reunion with his son and now along “with the three children together she said ,”I am happy,” I feel more alive and my family is complete!

Man reunites with his mother after more than 60 years

REUNITED: 64-year-old man meets his mother after she gave him up for adoption when he was a baby. "We have a ton of catching up to do."

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, 31 January 2018