Herd Of Elephants Saving Baby Elephant From Drowning Will Tug Your Heartstrings

A herd of elephants were right there on the shore of a river when a baby elephant got slipped into the river. The herd had stopped to drink, but the baby elephant went to drink, the mud gave out beneath his feet and he fell into the water. When he was unable to get out of the water, the herd extended their rescue mission in the most beautiful way.

Adorable video shows the herd is trying to rescue their little one from the water. While they were trying to help save him from drowning, the baby elephant was crying with its vain efforts. Kneeling down on the mud, the senior elephant has seen trying to fetch the baby with his tusk. But when it wasn’t enough, few of them got down into the water to give that push to get him up.

Thank God, their rescue mission was gloriously successful!The footage was captured at Kruger National Park,South Africa, by Jaques Joubert and Michelle Broadhurst. Watching such adorable moments of loving care will firm our faith in the power of Love!