Mother Elephant Brings Woman To Her Baby So She Can Sing Her A Lullaby

The adorable video shows a mother elephant escorting a woman to her calf for a lullaby! It happened when Lek Chailert, founder of the Elephant Nature Part in Thailand, visited the park with some visitors. An elephant named Faa Mai suddenly intruded and wanted to take Chailert to the newly rescued calf, Thong Ae.

“She pushed me along out into the field, directing me somewhere and I wondered what it was that she really wanted,” Chailert said.

The mother elephant was seen compelling her to walk along with her, and at one point the big mommy even tried to grab her in the trunk! Finally Chailert accompanied her to its shelter and met Thong Ae. Then Chailert felt the mother is saying her to comfort the baby with a lullaby and when she sung it, they were so happy to enjoy the same!

“It is so beautiful to see my little girl who has such a heart of care. I am so proud of this girl!” Chailert told.

Aren’t you amazed to see these mighty animals are enjoying the “Lullaby” !!