13-Year-Old Performing Autism Awareness Song Is So Inspiring

13 year old girl sheds light on autism with her emotional original song “90 Miles”. Emi Sunshine and her mother wrote this touching lyrics to bring awareness about autism around the world. April is Autism Awareness month and the young talent has put everything she can to bring the true emotions involved in such “special peoples” life! And the millions can feel the intensity of their emotions through her incredible song!

Its lyrics are so powerful to open up our eyes to those around us who are struggling to manage their daily routines. The words paint of picture of a normal day of a person with autism and all of the emotional and feelings that can be had. Emi Sunshine and her impressive country vocals became a viral sensation in the internet.

Thank God, she did record it for the world to hear and the millions are truly inspired by her Autism awareness song!

'90 Miles' acoustic performance by EmiSunshine

EmiSunshine sheds light on autism with her emotional original song, "90 Miles."

#AutismAwarenessMonth #Autism #ActuallyAutistic

Posted by Country Rebel on Monday, April 2, 2018

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