Employee Donates Kidney To Colleague : ‘It Was a No-Brainer For Me’

It’s a kind of unbelievable love that an employee showed to his co-worker by donating his kidney. He was kind enough to step into help save his co-worker when he was in need to sustain his life. This great gesture of love made them to bond “for life” and their friendly story is worth watching.

Ken Pefine and Matte Knowles work together in the energy company’s natural gas unit. These two Eversource employess met nearly 14 years ago and they know each for such long time. Knowles had a kidney transplant in the year 2006, from his sister. Unfortunately that kidney got failed 10 years later. He had to go for treatments again that last for three nights a week and it took hours of work time. Going to those appointments while working full time and keeping up with his family was exhausting.

While the family was in search for a matching donor for him, Pefine felt the need of helping his coworker. Without any second thought in mind, he went ahead for the necessary medical tests to ensure that he has a matching kidney for Knowles.

“It was a no brainer for me, Matt is a good person and empowering him was important to me. He’d already been through a lot and I just really wanted to help.” Pefine said. “

The transplantation surgery was held on this January and was successful. Both of them could return to the work by mid March! Their -new life bond- is much more to cherish for a life time and they are up to to celebrate it over a dinner party!

I agree with what Mr Michael Needham, Eversource Manager of Gas Operation in Somerville said…

“What Ken did by donating his kidney, it’s just the most incredible, most generous, and most caring act someone could possibly do,”

Truly it’s too fortunate to have such great people in our community, who really wants to get into the shoes of his needy neighbour! And Ken has really done it!

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