Family Finds Dog After Escaping California Wildfire And Their Reunion Will Warm Your Heart

“A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.” (Psalm 91:7)

In this fallen world perilous pestilence are all around us and can hit us unexpectedly! But take heart you child of God! Whatever it may be the case, just ensure to stay in the shadow of the HIGHEST GOD, who is your refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble! I wish to identify this miraculous escape of Weaver family and their pet Izy as an evidence of divine protection of God.

The good news I wanted to  bring into your attention here is that every child of God is under the divine protection of God, you just need to be conscious about the might of His power to activate this privilege in your life! A thousand may fall at your side and a ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you! The MOST HIGH, who governs the whole universe and who is in control of your life will release His angels on your behalf, to rescue you and your whole family from ALL the troubles of this earth! My prayer for all of you is that we would have the blinders taken off of from our eyes so that we might truly see ourselves in the light of God’s solid covenant promises of divine protection and begin to experience His loving heart! Always.I recommend each one of you to meditate on each lines of these beautiful Psalm (Psalm 91)which has its each sentence starts with the 7th Hebrew letter “ Zayin “ which means “sword” or “sharp weapon”. And be kind enough to tell about this divine arrangement of our loving savior  to all the people around as a Gospel of “ The LORD our Righteousness”!

 “All of these powerful promises are contained in just one verse.“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, because you are established in My Righteousness”(Isaiah 54)

Just a heartwarming story to share in the middle of all this devastation. My parents woke up with flames surrounding their house in wikiup bridgeway and had seconds to get out. In the chaos of trying to escape, my parent's dog Izzy ran from them. My mom couldn't chase after her without risking her own life.
They had to drive through walls of flames and across a burning wooden bridge to get to mark west springs road and to safety. They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy. My brother and husband were determined to try to get back to my parents property to see if by some miracle Izzy survived. They were turned away by police officers, but if you know my brother Jack or husband Patrick…neither one likes to be told no. They ended up hiking just under 3 miles to my parent's property. This video shows the last part of their hike up to my parent's house. It's a little long, but the ending is worth the watch.

Posted by Beckyjean Widen on Thursday, October 12, 2017