Grieving Family Hears Late Son’s Heartbeat In The Woman It Saved

Its too much for the parents to lose their son to death and the words are not sufficient to explain it. Here a grieving couple, Maria and Bob, is hearing their son’s heart beats again through its recipient’s body and the emotional event is covered with tears!

Maria and Bob lost their son Rob on last year, soon after his 30th birthday. The tragedy happened while working on a ladder, Rob lost his balance and fell backwards. He passed out immediately and never woke up again. In the time of grief, the loving parents made the toughest decision to honor their son and donated his tissues and organs. Rob’s organs were a blessing for many as it help saved the lives of 15 precious peoples!

The heartwarming video shows the recipient of Rob’s heart, a Winchester woman is meeting the couple to extend her great gratitude and love. She got the heart transplantation on last year April and she is so thankful for saving her life!

The heartbroken father is hearing the heartbeat of his son once again and his emotional reaction just moved me to tears.

”My son would be proud to know that he helped somebody like this….”!