Abandoned And Neglected Featherless Parrot Finally Finds Forever Home

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment “(1 john 4:18)

Fear and rejection will drive anyone to self pity or punishing themselves. The Bible says the antidote to fear is the love of God. A perfect and overflowing love can be the best solution to the restoration of happiness to any creation under the sun! This Parrot is a true example for the same. It was abandoned and rejected. He had been through several foster families and they all returned him because of the wrong behavior of this little creature! This poor parrot was so stressed out that he began to pluck out his own feathers, punishing himself.

Finally a kind and loving women took him in and they made an instant connection. Now this little parrot, Named Chicken Man, loves to sing songs and play around with his new loving mother and their family. It’s glad to know that this parrot trusts his new mom and found his loving forever home. Witnessing this heartwarming love, I would like to encourage all of you that if you’re afraid of facing a person or a situation in your life, God’s love can help you put your fears to rest. Because God’s love is Perfect and it can cast out everything you fear of in your life giving His Shalom!

LORD, is good; and His steadfast love endures forever!(1 Chro 16:34)