Late Firefighter’s Donated Heart Saves 63-Year-Old Man’s Life

More than a year after the death of her husband, a wife is hearing the heartbeat of her husband in other man’s body. Aletha Gomez, Choy’s wife was overcome with emotions to hear the heartbeat of her life partner on Sunday. Her husband’s heart that is pumping inside Donovan’s body is opening up the door of hope in a new way!

Her husband, a fire fighter from San Francisco died from a stroke in August 2017 . His desire to help others continues on after his donated heart gave new life to a 63 year old who was suffering from heart problems.She feels happy about her husband’s mission to save lives is fulfilled in the best possible manner. He’s given the gift of life to a needy one who was dying of congestive heart failure!

“He told me, ‘You know, when I pass away, when I die, what am I going to do with it?Might as well donate it and save more lives.”

Choy was a 20 year veteran in the department and was a dedicated father to his 2 year old sun Jeremy. This SFFD veteran, Perry Choy died from a stroke just five days before his 47th birthday. But his legacy lives on today when he has decided to donate his organs after his death . True to his desire, the veteran’s heart which got transplanted in an Oroville man named Jim Donovan still lives as healthy and young.

“True to a firefighter’s nature, he was an organ donor,” And because he was an organ donor, Choy’s heart is still beating”!

Deputy Chief Administrator with the San Francisco Fire Department Jeanine Nicholson said.,

“There’s 25,000 people waiting in California for a transplant,That’s about one-fourth of the waiting list across the United States.Nearly 270 transplants took place last year and still many more patients remain on the wait list for heart, lung, liver kidney or pancreas.” Nicholson explained ..

People can sign up to donate their organs at the Department of Motor Vehicles or online and be part of saving lives! A simple but wise decision can give new life to many millions and in a way Choy was blessed in doing so!

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