Group Of First-Graders Welcomes Their Classmate With Rare Condition In The Sweetest Way

Every children deserves caring and acceptance from everyone and everywhere. Especially when they are at school they want to be accepted by their teachers and students. But 8 years old Alexis’s mother was little worried about her special child when she started her elementary school. She was scared to think about the way other children may accept her ‘Small ,Non Verbal Child’. Vanessa Ince’s , 8 year child has a rare genetic abnormality causing her to be the size of a 3 year old.

“There’s so much horrific stuff happening in school,” said Ince. “Day after day  kids  like Alexis or other kids with disabilities or just average kids are being bullied. I’m afraid for her in the world.”

But what the mother witnessed and experienced from a group of kids around her was really astonishing. When Alexis entered first grade at Pomaikai Elementary School on Maui, instead of rejecting her abnormal child, one girl student started helping Alexis to navigate the school and soon others joined in.

Parents and teachers were happy to notice that, as soon as they see Alexis’s car lining up, a group of kids who were waiting for Alexis will jump up and down saying ‘Alexis is here, Alexis is here’. The little’s peer group was happy to help and accept Alexis to enjoy her school days in various ways.

Now the happy mother has a lot to say and share from the outpouring kindness she witnessed in the little kids at school! Watching such heartwarming story will make us to agree with the findings of this loving mother..

“Any society, any nation is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members — the last, the least, the littlest.”!