This Flamingo’s Reaction To Its Visitors Will Put A Smile On Your Face

This bird is thoroughly enjoying the attention and displaying its honest acceptance!  The magnificent video shows a flamingo is absolutely enjoying the attention from the people when they have clapped for him.  How soon it came forward and flagged its head and stretched the necks for back. And it adorably salutes the crowd with its wings and preens the feathers stunningly!

In fact each of his reactions has its own meaning as “head flagging is a process of stretching their necks for back, raising it up, and then turning it one side to the next. The wing salute is a form of friendly interaction among them. This is also the best opportunity you will get to see their magnificent colors of feathers. Twist preen is often seen during courting when the males want to impress the females. This involves twisting the neck backwards and then using the bill to preen the feathers”!

How can we stop saluting the Great Artists who has created such incredible creations!Hallelujah! What a mighty God we have!

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