Flight Attendant Answers God’s Call That He Received 50 Years Ago

“I’m answering the call of my life 50 years ago, I heard God say I need your help. I want you.”

A United Airlines flight attendant becomes a living testimony in God’s kingdom and his way of obeying God’s call is truly inspiring! He provides assistance to the neediest people in the society through his mission work named -IR68 -“Here am I, Send Me”!

Ken Bridges is a United Airline flight attendant and a founder of a nonprofit group called IR68. He says that he received a call from God during a church service when he was just 11 year old. But that time he doesn’t had a visibility about its execution.

Later on when he recognized his calling through the eyes of God, he started a nonprofit group called “Isaiah’s Response 6:8(IR68) – “Here am I, Send Me”! His mission goal was to meet needs of as many as possible and the group is diligently doing it! The flight attendant answers God’s call as he travels, helping people in horrifying situations from all over the world! Being a flight attendant by profession he was able to access parts of the world in ease. And during his 19 years of career, he answers God’s call by helping those in needs in various foreign countries!

He along with his wife, who is also a flight attendant, help run an orphanage in Guatemala. They help indigenous former slaves in the society and impoverished villagers in Ecudor. Ken has a special heart for the poor and abandoned children. He and his foundation extend special helps to children from 20 countries from the world. They cares for the children from all age group, new born to grownups, they look after every one with a special touch as “Jesus’ hands”!

Their volunteers from the Houston and around the country make blankets for the orphans and they delivers it with love. They support the villagers by supplying materials to make them more self sustainable! Recently, on last month when he traveled to Rwanda at Africa, the horrors he saw impacted him so deeply. He is now planning to help them in the best possible manner.

“I saw with my own eyes the torment that this country went through,” Ken explained. “It’s horrifying what the people actually live through. I have a project that I will do there, groundbreaking that I can help for the next seven years.”

His mission which is originated from the calling of God is making his life more meaningful and the people around him are able to see the hands and eyes of God through Bridges!

“There’s purpose in my life because I’m making a difference for people. Otherwise, what are you doing? If you don’t find joy in what you are doing, then maybe you should look at that,” said Bridges.

I can testify that his mission is inspiring and he is a valuable asset in God’s Kingdom! Visit the Isaiah’s Response 6:8 website if you want to help. 

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