Kind Flight Attendant Soothes Crying Child On Late-Night Flight

She was kind enough to attend a crying toddler on her flight duty during a Hawaiian flight to Los Angeles! On this Valentine’s Day, this kind flight attendant named Gina Reyes gone beyond her job description to soothe a crying toddler on her flight!

Passenger Rachel Yuen Nihi was in this late night flight with her three kids and the younger child seems had some trouble as he started crying for at least half an hour! The mom tried all her best to sooth the child but nothing worked to stop him from crying! But Gina,the flight attendant , who believes in loving and caring their passengers was kind enough to extend a help to Reyes to relax! She was seen rocking and singing, lullabies to the child and soothes him in her loving arms!

Reyes who is a mother of four children of her own and was also a surrogate mother was expert to deliver this touching motherly love to sooth the crying child in no time!This extraordinary act of loving kindness was fetched by Rachel and the clip is now bringing many appreciations and love from many peoples around the world! She really deserves the best recognition! You’ll love her touching hospitality!

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