Foster Couple Adopts 4 Siblings Who Wanted To Stay Together. This Story Will Tear Your Eyes

Foster parents adopt 4 siblings who wanted to stay together and their happy story brought tears in every eye, including their judges!

The couple, Phyllis and Eric Watson had always wanted children of their own. When they hadn’t been able to have a baby, they decided to become foster parents and applied for the same on 2015. Just a day after receiving their license to adopt, they have got a call from the adoption agency about four siblings seeking a home where they could stay together! Even though the couple had no plan to adopt four kids at a time, the touching story about this abandoned kids moved their decision in compassion!

The children came from a home where the marriage was failed early and the kids were left out without a home or a family of their own! They endured neglect and abuse so bad that the state took custody of them. They have entered the foster care system on November 2015, and it was just a day after the Watson had been approved for adoption!

When the case worker explained the case of these kids to the Watson, he decided to accept the challenge of fostering all of them in one shelter.“The turning point for me was they were going to be split up and I didn’t want to see that” Eric said through tears! “And we’ve never regretted it. Not one day” Phyllis added!

Both Eric and Phyllis worked full time and they have opened their house to take this 4 siblings to live together!Two and a half years later, on this Monday, the Watson’s officially adopted Alisia,17;Bradley,16; Cody15; and Emma,11. Their judge, Kathleen L Solan who has attended their adoption procedure also got some touching emotions to say that “it was the best hearing that any judge gets to have in the United States”. She was in tears while appreciating this great act kindness to the courteous couple!

Witnessing this whole episode says me to believe that God has orchestrated this great plan for a loving couple and the abandoned kids to come together in love! The now “Complete” family is all set to start their “New Beginning” in a happy way! We sincerely pray that may God bless your family with all the happiness and joy all the days of your life!