Inspiring Speech Of Man With Down Syndrome – “My Life Is Worth Living”!

“My life Is worth living” A statement of fact for each mankind to acknowledge and agree with! Frank Stephens, who has Down syndrome, has this powerful testimony about his own life and looking forward to extend his happiness to many more people with these types of infirmities!

On Oct 25, public speaker, actor, and advocate Frank Stephens stood before Congress and talked about his very life, a life with Down Syndrome.As a representative of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation; this brave man was asking Congress for increased funding for medical research.Down syndrome is the most frequent chromosomal disorder in the US , but sadly the least funded genetic condition by  the National Institute of Health!He also pointed out a fact about themselves “being a medical gift to the society”, a blueprint for medical research into cancer, Alzheimer’s and immune system disorder, because the down syndrome research can bring some light into such major life threatening deceases as people with Down Syndrome incur very low rates of either! His argument is agreed by the executive director of the Linda Clinic Institute , Joaquin Espinosa.

He speaks volumes for all the people as a role model and his own words are worth admiring “Whatever else you learn today, remember I am a man with Down syndrome and My Life Is worth Living”.

Thank God! This man was so confident just the way he is and watching this video will make you to honor him with a salute!

Watch the full speech below.

"I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living," said Frank Stephens, a Down syndrome advocate, to lawmakers on Capitol Hill in an effort to urge them to fund research on the condition.

Posted by PBS NewsHour on Thursday, October 26, 2017

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