Man Spend 48 Years Waving To Cars From A Highway Overpass For A Beautiful Reason

Freddie Wilson, the king of the Freddie Wilson Overpass started waving from Bog Road as a teenager in Nova Scotia. He started waving to the commuters at the age of 16, when he returned from a school in Truro. From then on he stands close to the railing, his feet firmly planted, peering expectantly over the edge and bring joy to everyone.

“I just started, and I kept right on going,” Freddie Wilson said. “I’m going to keep going until they tell me not to.”

Very shortly the locals and commuters felt an attachment to this solitary man and they started enjoying his presence in the overpass! Eventually the members of the community named the overpass after Wilson and it was named in Wilson’s honor about a decade ago.  To him the overpass is his home and he like everything up there. He continued serving his small gesture of love for 48 years and still around to do the same!

In between when he didn’t show up for a while, many people started looking for him and were worried to think whether he is alive or not! And the good news is, the 64 year old is still waving from his overpass and has no plans to stop his service.

“I’m not dead yet,” the 64-year-old said during an interview in his hometown. “I’m still alive and kicking.”

A small gesture of love can make a big difference. What a great man!