Friends Piggybacks Disabled Man Across Europe To Give Him The Trip Of A Lifetime

32-year-old Kevan Chandler is an ordinary man with extraordinary friends! He is getting his dreams fulfilled by sitting at the shoulders of his friends and the true meaning of Friendship is once again highlighted!

Kevan was born with a rare decease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This genetic condition affects the part of the nervous system that controls the voluntary muscle movements in the body. Having this rare decease he faced many challenges in growing up. He used to get weaker through the years and uncertainty and mystery was part of his life! However he still could manage to earn a degree in counseling with a focus in prison ministry and he spends his time with the less privileged and orphans in the society!

But the best part in Kevan’s life was,he had a group of best friend who loves and cares him a lot. Kevan lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with two of his roommates. And despite being confined in wheelchair Kevan loves to travel a lot. During summer 2015 he and a group of his friends spent three weeks backpacking through Europe and Kevan was the integral part of their trip! With the help of his friends, Kevan was able to experience all the incredible things tourists dream of seeing and he credits it all to his friends.

His loving friends started this wonderful worldwide movement and they name it as “We Carry Kevan”. Because he’s never taken a single step, but his friends carried him through Europe on their backs! Their next destination under this banner is to explore China!

What a great way of honoring friends! Truly, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’!

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