Quick Thinking Gas Station Clerk Saves Woman From Kidnappers

A Waterford gas station clerk, Savannah Pritchett is hailed hero for bravery and quick thinking after saving a woman who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

Wednesday around 3 pm, when Pritchett was doing her normal duty at the Triple R Gas and Mart in Waterford, a young woman showed up at the gas station begging for help. The woman told her, she was kidnapped in Frenso on Tuesday and was in a dangerous situation..

 “The first thing she did tell me was, ‘I was kidnapped, and they do have guns. Please, lock the door, they will kill us, or kill me” .Pritchett told.

When the woman told Pritchett that she came out to use the restroom by convincing her kidnappers, Pritchett quickly gave her cell phone to the woman and told her to lock herself in the bathroom and call 911. The deputies reached in no time with their guns and rescued the woman.

Verse of the Day

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