A Giant German Shepherd’s Friendship With A Tiny Prairie Dog Is Simply Adorable

Size is never a barrier for these dogs to become best friends.75lb German shepherded and 60z Prairie dog is having their best time together and their uncommon companion will amaze you!

Adorable video shows the little prairie dog and his best friend German shepherd is living together in such great love. In fact the ‘Big Shepherd’ is caring its little buddy likes a mother. Seeing them enjoying snuggling, cuddling and playing together is contagious to make us feel loved!

6 year old German Shepherd is a gentle giant when it comes to his fiend’s eyes. Despite their size difference these two dogs are inseparable in their friendship. Watching them napping together in sweet and gentle way is overloaded with love and I really love it! Truly, this is the best display of cute LOVE!

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