Little Girl Asks The Man Who Raised Her To Be Her Dad In A Touching Way

The loving mother wanted to recall all those precious memories to the “Daddy” who raised her daughter, and now wanted to declare it officially in a most touching way!

When Darcie’s mommy, Staci got married to Stephen, Darcie became the best friend with him. Stephen has been her daddy since she was just a year old and he loved her so much! Ever since she met Stephen , the little girl calls him “Daddy” and he’s the only daddy she knows!  Now at the right time the mother wants to make him her official daddy and they have came up with a perfect way to make that surprise announcement!On Stephen’s birthday, Darcie gave him a blue glittering bag with lots of surprise moments packed up with glitters!

The beautiful video shows the man opening the blue bag and the first piece he had demanded some ice cream for Darcie! But the second gift,a specially designed memory photo book from Staci and Darcie was the best gift he received on his birthday! The book was filled with the memories they had shared together with child…Each and every moments, good and difficult alike was good enough to capture his hearts to the little one! By the time he reaches to the end of the book, the loving daddy was overwhelmed in emotions and started crying cuddling his daughter!

He continued to make her giggle and feel loved, and the girl was happily kissing on her daddy’s cheek! Be blessed and stay in love forever!

This is the video that went viral.😍😍

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Posted by Stephen and Staci Luna on Monday, 29 May 2017

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