7-Year-Old Battling Cancer Makes Care Packages For Hospitalized Kids Like Her

After battling cancer herself, a courageous young girl is now caring for other kids like her with “Care Packages”. She made sure her Care package carries all the necessary things you would need during the hospital stay to feel at home!

7 year old Jenny Shaw from Rochester, New York, was admitted in hospital after they found masses in her abdomen on last summer. Initially they thought it may be some allergic reaction, but the doctors diagnosed her with Wilms. It’s a type of cancer often found in children younger than 5 years old!

The family had to stay in hospital for weeks altogether for Jenny’s treatments. She had to go through five surgeries within a few weeks and all these while the little girl was missing homely comforts.Experiencing such hard time, Jenny knew exactly what it was like to be away from home without most of the belongings. Hence she decided to start raising money to build care packs for other kids like her to care for them.

On November through a GoFundMe campaign she could secure $50,000 for a 100 Care Pack Kit. And by now she could distribute 50 care packages filled with coloring books, crayons, toothbrushes, and beanies ,toiletries and warm blankets to young chemotherapy patients to area hospitals! And they are happy with her heartwarming idea and her dad is very proud about his little daughter ,saying ..

“We found that even in challenging times, it’s still important to give back and through giving back, you find a way to celebrate and find the silver lining in ever cloud. “We wish it didn’t have to be a need but we definitely want to make that experience a little bit lighter and put a little smile in a time that can be kind of dark.”

Jenny is now done with her final round of chemotherapy and is preparing to go for a vacation to Hawaii through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Let’s support Jenny’s mission through her GoFundMe page to bring that little comforts in their trial time!