Girl With Hearing Issues Melts Down When She Is Surprised With Service Dog

10-year-old Emily Huneycutt has hearing issues and had been afraid of being left alone for anything. Her genetic hearing loss condition which gets worse as she gets older and the condition had become so severe. Emily was even afraid to go to the bathroom or shower alone. But after being surprised with a service dog called Piper, her life has drastically changed for the better and her confidence level also increased a lot. Learning that the assistance of furry can make lots of goodness to her daughter’s life, her mother, Angel wants to surprise her with a new puppy. So the loving mom hid Piper and put Yorkie in a box, before calling out Emily’s name and asking why she hadn’t put away her clothes, usually stored in the box.

The confused girl came and opened the pink box and when she saw the cute Yorkie puppy with bow tie on her head sitting patiently inside, she started screaming with tears of joy. This sweet girl’s reaction just melted my heart!