Girl Singing Like An Angel With Piano Guys Will Pierce Your Soul!

A thrill of hope for the weary world to rejoice …A divine night When Christ was born!

This beautiful song “O Holy Night” has graced Christmas for 170 years since its inception and we all know that how it has earned a place among the greatest carols of all time! But here we have its new version, caste in a new mold by J.S. Bach! This unique unity of “O Holy Night” lyrics and Ave Maria’s melody opens your soul to the inspiration woven into each of its immortal meaning- “Long lay the worlds in sin…till He appeared and the soul felt it’s worth…A thrill of hope for the weary….For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn..”

This gorgeous earth angel, 15 year old – Lexi Walker flowing with the beauty of piano at the stillness of night is really fantastic! The Piano Guys, John and Nelson made it complete with their amazing talents playing Piano and Cello!

I am sure you will enjoy this fusion between the “Piano Guys” and this “Beautiful Angel”!