11-Year-Old Girl Surprises Stepfather By Changing Her Last Name

The little girl wanted to surprise her step father by changing her last name to his as a Valentine’s Day surprise! The adorable video shows that the 11 year old Haleigh is handing over the most surprise letter revealing the news that “I have your name” is so heartwarming! Struggling to hold back the tears, the happy adoption becomes a long lasting celebration for this loving family!

Angel Trevino, a loving mother wanted to make sure everything is perfect in her new family life and added her husband Tudy’s name to her daughter Haleigh’s birth certificate. Angel Trevino from Refugio, Texas met her husband when HaLeigh was just nine months old. She never told her daughter that her husband is not her biological father. The loving couple waited for the right time to explain the same to their loving daughter.

On last November, the mother Angel decided to change Haleighs name by adding Tudy, whose real name is David to her birth certificate and the couple moved the necessary papers to the court! Initially they had faced many struggles to get the formalities done as the authorities had informed the hurdles to the mother at end of the year 2017. She cried a lot over it thinking what could have possibly went wrong? She waited till January 2nd to call and ask what went wrong to get it fixed up! While Tudy continued to think that process was unable to be completed, luckily Angel was able to get it done with a short visit!

At first she thought to wait until Valentine’s Day which is also Tudys birthday, to surprise him with this most anticipated news, but she was too excited to wait to break the news!  So she wrote a quick poem to unveil it in the most touching manner!

“What do you get a man that never wants? I can sit and ponder all day but in the end I know nothing would make you happier than what I am about to say ..he continue to read..

“Today 2/1/2018 will be a day we will cherish forever as we grow old.

Haleigh Danielle Abila is now Haleigh Danielle TREVINO..

You stole her heart from day one , but she stole your last name forever”

10 years ago when Tudy met Angel, he took in both Haleigh and her two other children and the family lives together as a “one big happy family”now. They are so grateful to God for giving them such a wonderful daddy and thank the good Lord for putting him on their path!