Adorable Goat Breaks Into Smile Whenever Owner Grooms Her

An adorable goat named Africa breaks into a goofy grin whenever her owner giver her a brush. The 10 year old goofy goat is content and happy to nod off when she gets a relaxing grooming session from her loving shepherdess.

Gillian Nannery , an 18 year old college student from Washington, US, has discovered the goat at death’s door with an infection in her hoof and was anemic which led  to bottle jaw. She kept Africa at a friend’s farm until its full recovery and gave her the much demanded close attention and loving care.Under the treatment of Gillian, Africa has made a full recovery and and now it follows her shepherdess in her voice!

Nannery who grew up in volunteering and helping out in animal sanctuaries loved goats the most! She is now experienced enough to share some peculiar facts about goat like, they love attention, and they are very emotional animals, and they really love affection and tender caring and they usually live until the age of 11 to 18..etc.

She has even bottle reared some goats under her care and they are like children for her. And Africa is really a special pet and a best friend of her because,“ She’s the sweetest goat. She’s so funny looking and always follows me around the pasture”!

Miss Nannery, who also runs a small hoof care business called “Nannery’s Hoof Care” is happy to keep Africa with her. She loves this old goat so much so that she takes its various pictures and gestures to watch enjoying it. This uncommon footage is captured by Nannery after she made the complete recovery.

“ I love talking pictures of her because of the faces she makes, she’s so sweet and always smiles”, Nannery  cant stop adorning her with praises..

Watching this adorable video we too  will agree with Nannery’s findings  “She looks blissful and amazing” and “She’s the sweetest Goat”!!

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