God Miraculously Saves Officer’s Life From Near-Fatal House Explosion

Divine intervention saved a police officer’s life when a house exploded and he is so grateful to God in sparing his life! A video footage caught on camera shows a police officer is getting out of his car and began walking towards the house to see what was going on at the scene. And right when he stepped in the lawn, all of a sudden the house blew up into a fiery explosion. He then tried to run in the opposite direction as quickly as he could, but the explosion force has thrown him on the ground.

This incident happened when an unlicensed driver crashed an SUV in to someone’s house. Infact the driver had crashed the SUV right into a gas line of the house. And the gas from the pipes was quickly filling up the house with an unexpected explosion!Many officers were dispatched to answer the call and, when they reached at the front of the house, they could see a complete mess up in the house.

Seeing this police officer’s miraculous escape in a fraction of second will make us to believe that, the invisible hand of God was right there with him to save him from the furious explosion! let’s thank God for protecting us!