God Told Mother Of 5 To Give Her Kidney To 8-Year-Old And She Obeyed

While everyone was praying for 8-year-old Abby Steinard’s  kidney healing , Kari Woods heard the voice from God saying ‘Give her your kidney”. When this Indiana mother of 5 kids, kept hearing the voice from God during the prayer meeting at Vacation Bible School, she responded God with ‘OK, all right.”

Abby was undergoing more than nine hours of dialysis every day and was badly in need of a new kidney to save her life. After hearing the voice from God, Woods decided to keep praying for the God’s guidance. She then learned that Abby had the same rare blood group of Woods, O negative! And this was kind of a confirmation for Woods to go ahead and donate her kidney to someone she’d just met.

Abby and Wood reached at St Vincent Hospital and after the necessary test procedures, the surgery took place without any hassle. Both of them are now healed of their wounds and sharing the divine experience together!

Woods says she feels great now. “It’s definitely a blessing,” she said. “It’s hard to compare that to giving birth to a child, but it’s like that in the sense that you’re saving a life.”

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