Police Chief Has Incredible Response To Atheists’ Attack On ‘God Is Not Dead’ Lip Sync

An amazing trend is taking over the internet. Police departments are performing hilarious lip syncs and challenge other departments to do the same.

The Crandall Police Department also took part in the challenge by singing the Christian Song ‘God’s Not Dead’ by Newboys!

Their faith-filled lip sync had earned loads of supportive comments from the citizens. But the Wisconsin based atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) gave the video a “thumbs down” and issued a complaint about the song selection.

“Government employees can worship, pray, or read any religious text they wish when acting in their personal capacities,” the complaint read. “But they are not permitted to provide prestige to their personal religion through the machinery of a government office. The police department belongs to ‘We the people,’ not the department’s temporary occupants.”

And the Police Chief Dean Winters, who was responsible to answer their accusation, replied to them with a beautiful smiley face…

“My faith in Jesus gives me the strength to deal with so many different aspects of life. First and foremost, in my most important role as a husband and father, but also in my role as an officer and chief of police,” he said“I don’t believe faith interferes with the ability to serve, but instead it enhances it.”

The officer was bold enough to put his faith in Jesus first and his words was strong to declare “My God’s not dead, He’s Surely Alive!