Group Of Good Samaritans Line Up For A 96-Minute CPR Marathon To Save A Man

A group of “Good Samaritans” literally lined up to serve their course in saving a man from dying on the road! We may call it as the “longest, successful out of hospital resuscitation” ever happened. 20 different people consistently performed CPR for 96 minutes to save 54 year old man, who collapsed on the road!

On that day 54 year old Howard Snitzer was walking out of a grocery store and suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk from a massive heart attack. While the grocery clerk called 911, the only other customer in the store rushed outside and started giving CPR to Snitzer. By hearing the commotion, all others were on the road rushed to lend a hand! Eventually one by one 20 people lined up and when one guy had enough, the next guy take over the chest compression to keep him alive! It took 96 minutes for a rescue helicopter from the Mayo Clinic to fly over and successfully resuscitate the patient! After a 10 days hospitalization, Snitzer had made a full recovery!

This act of “loving the neighbor” in the perfect way took place in the tiny town of Goodhue, Minnesota back in 2011. This tiny town has a population of about 1000 people, and the emergency response team for the town is comprised of roughly 20 volunteers and the infrastructure was also under developed!