This 93-Year-Old Grandma Is Going To Kenya To Volunteer At An Orphanage

Love compels her to go beyond her age to care for the orphan kids! A 93 year old grandmother is traveling from Noventa Vicentina ,Italy to Kenya to volunteer at an orphanage.  The elderly lady, Norma Irma had been giving donations to the orphanage, founded by an Italian missionary, for years. This year, the donations weren’t enough and the grandmother decided to go herself to volunteer the orphan children in this remote village at Kenya!

Norma’s granddaughter Elisa Coltro wrote a touching post about her grandmother’s passion trip for all of us to get inspired by her mission…“This is my grandma Irma, a young lady of 93, who set off Kenya tonight. Not to some tourist resort to be waited on hand and foot, but to go to a village of children, in an orphanage. I’m showing her to you because I believe that all of us should always keep a dash of recklessness in order to live and not just survive. look at her..who is stopping her”??

Norma is going with her daughter and planning to stay there for three weeks ..seeing her good heart and energy, the grandmother seems will stay back there at Kenya for long…

Witnessing such great passion and enthusiasm in such advanced age will ignite powerful inspiration in all our hearts to reach out to many more needy people in the world!

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