Graduate Reunites With The Man Who Saved His Life 22 Years Ago

An opportunity to reunite with those special peoples, who has saved our lives is the most precious moments in one’s life! Joseph Bitetto is thrilled to reunite with the emergency medical technician who’d saved his life 22 years ago after he was born in a dangerous condition in a bathroom!

In 1996 Joseph Bitetto was born at just 28 weeks old as his mother gave a premature labor in the bathroom. His parents, Nick and Josephine Bitetto had to call 911 for their rescue and the EMS personnel who responded that day saved the lives of both mother and child! Joseph Bitetto was in an incubator for more than a month, and by God’s grace the baby was healthy enough to live long!

Now after 22 years Joseph has completed his graduation from New York City Fire Department’s EMS academy and has joined the ranks of the FDNY! So on last Thursday, after he become one of the FDNY’s newest EMT’s he along with his family was fortunate to reunite with the EMT, Howard Blanck  who’d saved his life 22 years ago!

After his father, Nick Bitetto wrote a letter to the academy describing about the long back “911 call” which has saved his son’s and wife’s life, the FDNY has orchestrated this heartwarming reunion! Howard Blanck, now a detective with the NYPD got to meet the family and personally welcome Joseph to the city’s emergency service team!

Whatsoever it maybe, it was all like a dream for Joseph!Congratulations to all!We love it!

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