81-Year-Old ‘Grandma Cuddler’ Snuggles Babies When Their Parents Can’t

This grandma is nick named as “Grandma Cuddler” just because she cuddles the babies in NICU with her tender love! 81 year old Joan Hart has no children of her own but she chooses to love and cuddles babies where their parents can’t do it! Even though she doesn’t have any medical training and is not into medically treating the babies, she has helped nurture thousand of babies with her motherly love! Watching her story will make you feel agree to say that ‘this title of honor really suits her’!

Hart is a volunteer at New York Presbyterians Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital’s NICU department. Every Tuesday she walks the halls of the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit to provide love cuddles to the tiniest of patients admitted there. She loves to hold the babies in her arms and she talks and sings to them and her loving touch is good enough to soothes a crying baby. And when the premature babies are healthy enough to go home, she will send them with a bitter sweet goodbye!

“I pray that they have a good life ahead of them. I sometimes well up because I won’t see them … but I was part of their life,” Hart said.

She has been part of the Cuddler program since it started in 2011. The program was create to bring comfort to babies whose parent’s cant be there at all-time and the “Grandma Cuddler” is their substitute! She has lot to say about her wonderful experience and the best part of her caring service is always cuddling the baby and she is very generous with it.

“The best part is the actual cuddling…… I have no other job except to make them happy and keep them safe and comfortable,” she said.”

What a sweet way of spreading the message of love! We are blessed to have such lovely people on our community.

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