Grandma Gets Stuck Behind The Dryer And The Hilarious Rescue Is Worth Laughing!

It’s always fun and adventure in the McDaneld house. The family came together to fix up the dryer and put it back in the platform. But Gagi got stuck in behind the dryer and that was too funny for her break out the laughter!

Just watch how they have hilariously tried to lift up Gagi and finally she landed on the floor upside down! Truly her laugh is contagious and watching this comedy you too will not able to stop laughing!

This Just Gets Funnier and Funnier!

"This just gets funnier and funnier! Our Bapa fixed the dryer but needed some help putting it back in place. Poor Gagi, she gets stuck behind the dryer! Maybe not the best thought out plan ever, but sure good for some laughs. Always an adventure in the McDaneld house!"

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Submitted by Emily McDaneld

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, November 6, 2017

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