90-Year-Old Spontaneously Sings ‘What A Time In Heaven’ To Her Family

90-year-old Fannie Spaulding of Crum, West Virginia singing about heaven is encouraging many to hold on to our blessed hope to get in there! The video shows she sings the beautiful gospel song “What a Time in Heaven” to her family.

Spaulding was enjoying some time with her family, when she performed this moving song. Wearing a small gown and standing barefoot on the carpet, she sings the blue grass gospel hymn with all its essence! Watching her joyous way of singing will surely bless all of us and the internet is thoroughly enjoying her wise performance saying..

“There’s something about the elderly singing with hope,”

Spaulding’s great nephew, Lincoln Bragg Jr captured this precious moment and posted it online!

I am so glad to know that Spaulding is celebrating her 91st birthday on June 14 and we all wish you a very Happy Birthday with a promise from God!

 “You will live a long life and see My saving power”(Psa 91:16)

Aunt Fannie Sings "What A Time In Heaven"

WHAT A TIME: 90-year-old Fannie Spaulding of Crum, West Virginia spontaneously sings "What A Time In Heaven" for her family. http://bit.ly/2JoqiM0

Video by Lincoln Bragg Jr.

Posted by WCHS & WVAH TV on Friday, June 8, 2018